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International Copies of Richelle's Books

I'm not always told when a book is released in another country. Below are links to books I know for sure are already out.  I don't have any other information about where to buy them online or within the country. If a book isn't available in your country, you might be able to find it a specialty store that imports books.

Note: Succubus on Top is called Succubus Nights in France and the UK. Many of the other books have undergone title changes in their respective languages as well.

Georgina Kincaid Series

Books in the Georgina Kincaid series have already been published in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, and Russia.  There will eventually be Bulgarian, Brazilian, and Polish editions as well.

 Dark Swan Series

Outside of the United States, this series is only being published in the United Kingdom and Germany so far.  A French edition will be out soon.

Vampire Academy Series

Books in this series have been published in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Slovenia, and Brazil.

These books will also eventually be translated and available in Portugal, France, Russia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, South Korea, Greece, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Denmark, Israel, Serbia, the Netherlands, Macau, and Lithuania, Croatia, China. I have no information on release dates for these or where to buy them.

International Cover Gallery
Last updated mid-2010. I have a lot more now that I haven't posted!

United Kingdom (UK Vampire Academy covers are the same as the new U.S. ones)


Germany (Georgina 1-3, Vampire Academy 1-3)

Sweden (Vampire Academy 1 and 2)

Russia and Spain (Succubus Blues)

Brazil, Turkey, and Italy (Vampire Academy)


If you spot foreign covers that I don't have listed here, let me know about them!